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Our Questions Will Answer Yours

Our ability to swiftly ascertain your situation by asking the right questions will confirm you are talking to a competent analyst.

Business Planning Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is necessitating change and introducing opportunities. We can help develop manuals and plans for re-opening as the Coronavirus threat tapers. We help you navigating these times with...

ROI of Our Service

When negotiating your first equity deals, interested investors are likely to ask for more than entrepreneurs want to give. During these negotiations, investors will consider how easily an entrepreneur can...

Financing Documentation

Financing documentation requirements vary based on company size, the financing type and the source of investors. Pitch videos are particularly useful on crowdfunding platforms where investors are screening through dozens...

Monthly Startups

Some estimates suggest there are 100,000 startups per month. Not all receive funding, and many that do are funded internally. However, in 2012 approximately 153,000 investors participated in offerings by...


An impassioned salesman often uses the word “guarantee”, but when selling stock or private equity, this word is blacklisted. Brokers used to take greater liberties in making predictions – saying...