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Thirty Years of

Decades of experience in the disciplines that are essential to the preparation and presentation of effective financing and strategic documentation.

Hundreds of
Successful Clients.

Our clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars by relying on MSRplans to write their business plans, prepare forecasts and PPMs. 

Maximize Your

Attractive, thorough presentations will enhance the perceived valuation of your project for selective investors and decision-makers.

Services We Provide


Private Placement Memorandum

Custom offering documentation development and financing structure consulting

PPMs and business plans

Business Plans

Thorough, attractive, professional documentation will decrease perceived risk, and reduce your cost of capital

Financial Projections

Detailed financial forecasts with validated benchmarks, charts, graphs and return scenarios: ROI, IRR, WACC, ROA, ROE

Investor Relations

Ongoing shareholder communications to keep current and prospective investors apprised

Valuation Analysis

Corporate, real estate and intellectual property (IP) valuation reports

Investor Videos

The fastest and most captivating pitch format, preferred by crowdfunding platforms

30 Years in the Making

Something About Us

Founder Michael S. Robbins began his work in financial media in the late 1980s at his father’s publication, The Investment Reporter. From there, he worked at a top Wall Street investor relations agency, Porter LeVay & Rose. Robbins subsequently launched a hedge fund in New York City, and provided investor relations services internationally. He began helping companies with their financing documentation in 1999, and formalized business plan development services in 2002. Over the past two decades, Robbins has received client referrals as an independent contractor through numerous agencies, and currently services clients from Cayenne Consulting. MSRplans works with an expanded team of designers, editors, lawyers and fundraisers.

Did you know that

We are trusted by more than 500 clients

Trust is vital when a company is raising millions of dollars. We help businesses obtain trust from the capital markets by presenting their proposals in the formats investors expect. To prepare clients for their most cynical prospects, we emphasize quality research and assumption validation. 

We are an expert in
this field

A compelling pitch requires solid numbers, meaningful organization, appropriate market language, impactful infographics, and an attractive deal structure. 

  • Premium services dedicated to exceeding your expectation
  • Critical analysis to expose holes and strategic thinking to fill them
  • Custom deliverables created to look unique, not like templates
  • Unlimited phone consultation during fixed fee projects

Our Expertise

By the Numbers

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Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial communications industry as businesses expand across the globe.

Michael RobbinsMSRplans Founder

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • Working with Michael has truly been an exceptional experience. His knowledge and understanding of what needed to be incorporated into our business plan proved he was the right guy for the job. He was able to take our vision, and turn it into a masterpiece of a business plan. Every Bank, investor, and accountant we have showed our plan to have all made the comment that “this is one of the best business plans we have seen”. Michael has been our best investment, and our greatest asset thus far. It has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable and genuine person. He truly cares! I am looking forward to using his services again in the future.

    Kaleb Schrank
    Director, CoffeeNow, LLC
  • Working with Michael was fantastic. Friendly and knows what he is doing. He makes creating financial projections look easy.

    Dennis Hopkins
    CEO, REX Veterinary Services
  • Like always you did a beautiful job. It’s excellent, thank you again. You are amazing… a class act.

    Max Goldstein, CEO Diadalo
  • You will not cut corners and that is why I keep coming back to you.

    Ryan Janeway
    Medipro Direct, CEO

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