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Business Plans


MSRplans enhances the professionalism of your business plan and financing structure to increase investor demand, maximize valuation and secure capital expeditiously. Depending on the amount and type of work required, we provide our services on an hourly basis or for a fixed project fee. Before we give you a quote for business plan review services, you’ll get a complimentary critique of your plan. Our consultants have decades of Wall Street experience predicting investors’ critical questions to answer them before they are asked.

MSRplans offers decades of executive and entrepreneurial experience in startups, new product development, sales, marketing, web, social, branding, finance, Internet technologies, strategic partnering, manufacturing, distribution and corporate finance. Not only articulate, we also offer solutions for the problems discovered during our analysis – sometimes resulting in the contribution of valuable new intellectual property (IP). The new IP that we provide is all a part of the comprehensive service to help ensure your value proposition resonates with the investment community.

We respect your needs of confidentiality. You can supply a non-disclosure agreement, which you can send us by email, fax or utilize our electronic version on Echosign. When MSRplans refers strategic alliances, clients experience firsthand our commitment to confidentiality; we always ask permission and rely on minimal qualifying descriptions to protect the trade secrets of clientele.

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Combining Wall Street experience with lawyers, designers and fundraisers.

Analyze Your

What are the questions you should be asking? What do stakeholders want to know?

Business Planning

With a professionally produced and supported business plan, more investor prospects are likely to bid up a higher valuation. Your access to funding is mission-critical as most businesses fail due to lack of capital.

The research and analysis going into the development of a professional business plan can take weeks or sometimes months. By starting now, you will be ahead of the competition as we create your business plan from the ground-up. An unprofessionally written business plan reflects poorly on the management and quickly extinguishes the excitement you expressed in your elevator pitch.

Does your business plan?

Does Your Business Plan:
– Captivate the reader and compel him to invest?
– Present a professional business image that communicates upside and security?
– Quantify management’s accomplishments and have the support of a strong board of advisers?
– Offer a concise summary backed with thorough analysis?
– Illustrate financial projections and provide a return on investment that commiserates with the investors’ perceived risk?
– Substantiate revenue projections and the path to profitability with proven customer acquisition costs?
– Come with the documents needed to legally accept the investment?

Our Workflow & Process

It is critical the financial projections tell the most compelling and believable story to generate sufficient returns. Once this is confirmed with associated research, the rest of the story is developed and organized.

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