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Whether you need projections built from scratch up or just need the balance sheet corrected, we can work with you to produce a sound financial model. We will already be thinking about returns and exit strategies, providing you guidance with how aggressive forecasts must be in order to suggest competitive returns. Your business is unique and so we treat your financials. When creating a revenue model we generally start from a clean worksheet and draw from decades of experience, creativity and your guidance to customize formulas for your business.


  • Revenue Projections
  • Profit & Loss
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Assumptions

Your Industry.

We have the ability to obtain data from various sources for operating and valuation benchmarking. Benchmarking and validation are critical to substantiating returns.

Analyze Your

Many variables go into creating reasonable financial projections. Management has been developing peer group analyses since 1995.


The revenue model starts with pricing. We can assist with this if it is not already determined. Ideally the projected units will be based on purchase orders or LOIs. If not, we will examine your customer acquisition costs and marketing budget. Additionally, we will examine market share from various perspectives.

Operating Income and Cash Flow

The cost of sales and operating expenses are developed after the revenue projections with substantial benchmarking. The more optimistic figures are relative to benchmarks, the more explaining you will have to do to investors. We’ll talk you through these reasonability tests, and complete the financials with cash flow and balance sheet projections.


Companies seeking equity financing will have investors evaluating their potential returns and exit strategies. When entrepreneurs derive their own projections, they often imply excessive returns, giving themselves no room to under-promise and over-deliver. After the financial projections are finalized, we can estimate the potential long-term valuation. We’ll help you hit the sweet spot by suggesting a deal structure that makes sense.

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